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A New Way To Print

OvalJet’s closed loop technology moves each garment through a carousel of automated stations that prepare and print garments in one smooth motion. This allows a single operator to achieve full size, full color prints at unparalleled DTG speeds.

Single Operator

Lower the cost per print and keep your operators entertained! OvalJet's software is optimized for a single employee moving at a fast & steady pace.

Automated Pretreat

OvalJet's automated pretreat station covers the future print area with a perfect layer of our proprietary solution at the same time another garment is printing.

Built-In Dryers & Heatpress

Next, the OvalJets' four built in dryers and two heatpresses remove moisture from the garment as well as press it to create a dry cleaned surface for receiving ink.

100% Digital Printing

Finally, the prepared garments are fed into the digital print cabinet where they receive a base layer of white before the high resolution CMYK print of their design.

"A Massive Disruption."

Direct to garment is all about speed to customer... with our new technology we are able to move as fast and efficiently as a silk screener but print different designs on each and every garment. Where we’ve really seen people get excited is when they realize what this can do for their inventory and overhead. It’s truly print on-demand.

Founder, Chief Executive Officer

The History of the OvalJet

Building an Industrial Printer

January 5, 2018 | by Kris Friedrich, Founder & Director of Research and Development

The OvalJet started as joke on the shop floor. Always looking for new ways to speed things up, we'd joke about when our 'new upgrades' would arrive for our print systems. It was a few years before we actually started putting hardware behind our ideas. Now, what's started as an inside joke has turned into a revolutionary product, and an absolute transformation for our business. And just a few months ago, I held its first print.