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A New Way To Print

Ovaljet’s 14-stage closed loop technology moves each garment through a carousel of automated stations that pretreat, dry, and heat press garments in one smooth motion before feeding them into a temperature & humidity controlled print cabinet. This allows one operator to achieve full color, full size prints at unparalleled DTG speeds.

Single Operator

Cut costs and keep your operators happy! The Ovaljet is optimized for a single high-output operator with user friendly software and a steady pace.

Assembly Line Pretreat

Our assembly line style pretreat prepares your garments with our proprietary spray all without slowing down your print heads.

Flash Dry & Heatpress

Built-in flash dryers and heat presses quickly and efficiently prepare each garment, allowing Ovaljet to print on a dry surface at high speed.

100% Digital Printing

Retire your silk screen machines! With amazing color and vivid textures our world class print heads out class our competitors with half the passes.

Full size, Full Color, Dark Garment

Up to 300

Prints Per Hour
The Birth Of the Ovaljet

"A Joke About New Upgrades"

January 5, 2017 | by Kris Friedrich, Founder & Director of Research and Development

The Ovaljet started as joke on the shop floor. Always looking for new ways to speed things up, we'd joke about when our 'new upgrades' would arrive for our print systems. It was a few years before we actually started putting hardware behind our ideas. Now, what's started as an inside joke has turned into a revolutionary product, and an absolute transformation for our business. And just a few months ago, I held its first print.